Our security products providers deal only in the finest quality of installations and servicing of a variety of security controls. It does not matter whether the required integration is small or of the most complicated nature, you can rest assured that only the best equipment and services will be provided to you. We deliver only the best prices as we produce and import our own machinery, which will be available at higher rates from competitors. Our security partners operate on the policy of always putting the customer first which leads to working towards making our customers feel safe and secure without being economically disturbed even in today’s economic conditions. So go on and call us today and learn how easy security can be for you.

Our customers need not worry about anything, as they would be dealing with a well-seasoned CCTV integration company. Our dealers’ work is attributed by the immense satisfaction of all our clients. Our customer base is not limited but instead spans from typical household CCTV installations to corporate and government-level complex integrations. Our experts have worked all over Florida and the United States.

The installation process Free-of-cost survey and assessment:

Our experts provide a free, on-site initial assessment of your property. They will make a recommendation of the best-fit design and equipment that would fulfill all of your requirements. The assessment will include installation points of all security cameras and all specifications will be customized in accordance to your desires and expectations. We will also provide you with an estimate of all expenses related to power, devices, integration procedures, configurations and settings and even training of the complete system which also includes off-site access.

Scheduling and finalizing of installation date:

After all of the requirements and expectations have been discussed and agreed upon, the installation date will be scheduled and an expert team will be assigned the task. Contrary to common practice of other dealers, we have the ability to schedule early installation dates as all of the required equipment is present in our warehouse.

Physical installation of security devices:

Our experts will appear as already discussed for the installation of your security system. Special care will be taken in order to not disrupt your business operations. The process of installation typically starts with the low voltage cables placement, after which comes the turn of surveillance cameras to be installed at their respective positions and configured. The next plan would finally be the installation of power supplies and the equipment for recording.

Networking and configuration:

After all of the physical equipment installation is finalized, the DVR will be integrated into your network. Your router will also be modified and set such that you will be able to access the camera data from any part of the world. You will also have the ability to install mobile applications on all platforms and test the whole system at your leisure.

Personnel training for complete usage:

Training constitutes the last part of the installation plan. Our team will be focused on imparting all of the usage information of your system to the personnel of your choice, which includes searching, downloading and accessing of footage of cameras remotely. It will be at this point of the process that critical adjustments will be made to your system in terms of positioning and settings.

Our products are highly specialized to cater to extensive surveillance system design and integration requirements. Our experts are trained and skilled to make use of extensive available technologies in order to provide on-demand customization of surveillance systems no matter how complex they may seem.