The Way for Retailers to Cut Utility Costs and Moderate Risks

A 10% reduction in utility expenses is equivalent to the significant upsurge of 8% in sales/sqf for a retailer’s business. Nowadays, retailers don’t have it easy at all. The more conscious customer base of all brands now asks for clear understandings of the protocols and standards that are part of the procedures followed by the brands. It is a fact that now 50% of customers go for eco-friendly brands instead of their counterparts and due to this, retailers

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How Building Automation May Help in a Natural Disaster or Storm

Here’s how building automation systems could help your commercial property in the event of an emergency. Natural catastrophes and calamities can occur anywhere at any time. Hence businesses and their associated employees remain prone to such adversities. There are numerous other benefits which is resulting in even more businesses opting for the installation of an automated BMS. A building management system’s job is not only to improve productivity and security in routine procedures but also ensures maximum safety

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Make University Campuses Smarter With a Building Management Systems

The Advantages of Smart Campus Buildings Secondary studies institutions all over the world are now looking into building automation technology to better enhance the operations, security and productivity of the college buildings. Universities campuses are complicated as they are used to not only provide education but also to provide accommodation and employment for a large number of people. Keeping the past unfortunate incidents in view, it is very difficult to implement a foolproof security system in the campus.

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Three Main Advantages of Installing an Energy Management System

The installation of a full-fledge energy management system in your organization surely sounds daunting with everything going on as it is, right? We know. As the facilities administrator you most probably feel exhausted even thinking of the tediousness of arranging and installing a new system along with training the employees as well. There is no other way around it, you have to be dedicated to put in effort and time for the installation and functioning of a brand

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