The reason for people visiting theme parks is the thrill of twists and turns and mega drops. And all of this is accomplished by the engineering companies behind the scenes.

This is not the first time a non-commercial innovation has been adapted commercially i.e. inventions resulting from space exploration were also used for commercial purposes. This entertainment industry contains many lessons to learn about customer demands and priority concerns, in terms of safety and security.

Safety is the top most critical concern in this industry.

Making arrangements for amusement and thrills is a very challenging job technically on its own but coupled with highest priority safety requirements makes it all the more difficult. This calls for continuous technological advancement and enhancement. It is not every day that engineers are faced with such a complicated mix of extreme factors including orientations, temperature, vibrations etc.

Entertainment Industry and the IoT

Every latest idea or new ride comes with its share of challenges. A large downtime cannot be afforded at all as it would result in immediate negative publicity on social media by the guests who are waiting in anger or disappointment.

So it is no surprise that a major goal of this industry is to provide more safety and uptime while minimizing the maintenance time, which is a common in many industries.

As the days are always quite busy in season in this industry, there is only so much time that can be taken out for maintenance, data collection and analysis and using the industrial IoT to reap benefits, all without compromising on the overall uptime.

This data collection demands a proper network infrastructure and adequate security protocols and all this without any sacrifice of safety measures.

It is a norm of the entertainment industry to go out of the way to question cybersecurity, the reason being that neither safety nor security can be compromised on.