Domestic Solar Solution

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective Solar System

Solar energy is set to trigger a change of dynamics when it comes to energy utilization/consumption. Solar energy is energy provided by the sun in the form of radiation. When the sun emits radiation, it makes it possible for solar electricity to be produced. In order for this mechanism to occur, the process requires certain materials that absorb energy and convert it. Several materials used to construct panels with exhibit this effect known as the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic cells convert light energy into electricity. Solar energy produces little to no emissions as it functions. One megawatt hour of solar electricity counteracts about 1 tonne of C02, making it a clean source of production. Since PV panels are made from silicon, they pose no danger or risk of toxins or fumes leaking, making them safe and reliable. What makes solar energy renewable is the free resource of energy. Contrary to fossil fuels, sunlight is sustainable and inexhaustible.

Why You Should Switch to Solar Panels?

There are endless benefits in switching to residential solar panel compared to utilizing traditional energy sources. We’ll focus on the three main benefits that AlSadarah provides:

1. Investment Savings

As energy prices have risen 80% over the past few years, a solar power system is a cost-effective alternative. It’s an effective way to reduce high bills, while retaining necessary services. By installing a residential solar system on the rooftop, you gain the benefit of a one time investment. Throughout the day, the sunlight is utilized to obtain clean energy from. Your electrical usage is completely aided by solar power throughout day time. Solar systems are also easy to maintain with Solar Panels  offering technical support and long term communication to customers.

2. Environmental Friendly

Solar energy is non-polluting and does not emit any greenhouse gases while producing electricity. This positively impacts the environment as it reduces air pollution. Minimizes presence of harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions that result from burning fossil fuels. Generating electricity this way can lower global warming. Traditional methods of obtaining energy have since long contributed to global warming and with time, such effects will culminate in dire consequences faced all around the world.

3. Solar Panel Installation

AlSadarah offers a simple solar panel installation process broken down into 4 steps. Before the set up, the team identifies a suitable spot for installing the system. Followed by electricians mounting the panels to the rooftop, and wiring them to the inverter. In the third step, the bi-directional process is completed. In the fourth step, the configuration is finalized, allowing you to turn on your power system.