Service of HVAC Control System

HVAC Control System

HVAC Control System – The hardware used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning i.e. HVAC requires a control system that handles and manages the processing of residential systems including an air conditioning system or a heating system. The working of this control system involves the usage of a sensing mechanism. This device senses the actual conditions in the environment and then compares that data with desirable conditions data. After this comparison a conclusion is inferred as to what measure needs to be implemented so as to minimize the variance between the two states e.g. starting of the compressor.

Direct Digital Control

HVAC Control System – A central along with almost all of the terminal unit controllers can be programmed if required. This means that there is plenty room for customization of the direct digital control or DDC program code so that it is fully adapted to whatever specific use is required. There are a number of features available which include timers and scheduling, notifications, log of historic data, controllers, logic components and setpoints. There are usually two different types of inputs in unit controller i.e. analog and digital inputs. Using these inputs, the outside variable conditions can be measured. These variables include temperature, humidity and pressure. There are also two types of outputs i.e. analog and digital outputs. These channels are used for controlling of the transport substance. The substance can be water of any temperature and/or steam.  In case of the digital inputs, they are usually dry contacts that are connected to a device for control. The analog inputs are usually measured in either voltage or current from a device used for environment sensing including temperature, humidity, velocity or pressure. The digital outputs are basically relay contacts. These relays are usually used for the starting or stopping of the machinery. The analog outputs are basically electric signals that can be of either voltage or current. They are used for controlling of the medium control mechanism’s movements i.e. of air, water or steam. The devices include valves, dampers and motors.

A layer is formed from clusters of DDC controllers. This feature is central to the whole system’s operation.  It plays the role of the “brain” of the whole system. It generates instructions for the operation of the rest of the devices.

Building automation system

HVAC Control System – There are some complicated HVAC systems that allow their users to have more say in the running of the temperature regulating units by having an interface connection to the Building Automation system. This enables the owner of the construction to react to the alarm notifications even if they are not present at the locality but are at some remote location. A scheduling feature is part of the system through which occupancy scheduling can be achieved or it so is the case that the configuration is subject to direct modification from the building automation system. It is also not unusual to see that the HVAC equipment and hardware is manipulated directly from the building automation system for more control. The type of interfacing used is dependent on the type of the building automation systems.