Mamac Systems TE-704 Pipe Temperature Sensor

TE-704 temperature sensors offer the industry's most extensive range of enclosure, installation, and sensor types to satisfy all HVAC, industrial, and commercial applications.

Features of Mamac Systems TE-704:

  • Four immersion thermowell installation options—brass adapter with 304 SS probe for adjustable insertion, plastic, galvanized steel or NEMA-4/IP-65 steel enclosure. Four strap on surface mount installation options—rugged 304 SS hermetically sealed probe, plastic, galvanized steel or NEMA-4/IP-65 contact surface temperature sensors offer the industry’s most extensive range to satisfy all HVAC, appliance and industrial applications.
  • 304 SS thin wall probe with a cold rolled hermetically sealed end forms a monolithic encapsulated cavity for the sensor and is immune to failures caused by high humidity, contamination, thermal shock and vibration.
  • Fast response brass contact sensor for strap on applications is insulated from the enclosure to provide accurate pipe surface temperature measurement.
  • More than 16 types of interchangeable NTC thermistors, precision platinum, nickel or balco RTDs are available for universal compatibility.


  • Platinum RTD Sensors: ± 0.1% @ 0 C, Alpha: 385 per DIN 43760
  • Nickel RTD Sensors (#2): ± 0.5 C @ 0 C, 5000 PPM/K T.C.R.
  • Nickel RTD Sensors (#4): ± 0.5 F @ 70 F/21.1 C, 6000 PPM/K T.C.R.
  • Balco RTD Sensors: ± 0.5 F @ 70 F/21.1 C, 4300 PPM/K T.C.R.
  • Thermistor Sensors: ± 0.2 C interchangeability @ 77 F/25 C
  • Probe Material: 1/4″ / 6.3mm O.D, 0.020″ / 0.5mm wall 304 Stainless Steel
  • Flange Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Bulkhead Fitting: Brass with poly compression sleeve
  • Plastic Enclosure: Polycarbonate 30% glass filled, rated UL 94V-5-0
  • Steel NEMA-1/IP-30: 18 Ga. Galvanized Steel
  • Steel NEMA-4/IP-65: 18 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel, Baked on Enamel
  • Operating Temp: -40F/-40C to 210F/100C
  • Ambient Temp: -40F/-40C to 160F/70C
  • Warranty: Five Years (Lifetime on Moisture Migration) 

    U.S. PATENT NO. 6457857, 6555748, 6599012, 7036224

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