Cummins Diesel Generator C1250-D6 1588 KVA KTA50 Series

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This Cummins® Power Generation commercial generator set is a fully integrated power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for stationary standby, prime power, and
continuous duty applications.


Cummins® heavy-duty engine – Rugged 4-cycle industrial diesel delivers reliable power, low emissions and fast response to load changes.
Permanent magnet generator (PMG) – Offers enhanced motor starting and fault clearing short circuit capability.
Alternator – Several alternator sizes offer selectable motor starting capability with low reactance 2/3 pitch windings; low waveform distortion with non-linear loads, fault clearing short-circuits capability, and class F or H insulation.
Control system Standard PowerCommand® electronic control provides total system integration including remote
start/stop, precise frequency and voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, AmpSentry protection, output metering, auto-shutdown.
Cooling system – Standard integral setmounted radiator system, designed and tested for rated ambient temperatures, simplifies facility design requirements for rejected heat.
Enclosures – Optional weather-protective and sound-attenuated enclosures are available.
Warranty and service – Backed by a comprehensive warranty and worldwide distributor network.


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