BlackBox 3


Stand-alone PLC process data recording and remote service - BLACKBOX system with PLC-ANALYZER pro 5


The new BLACKBOX 3 from AUTEM provides an ultra-compact data acquisition computer for the long-term recording of PLC signals and external electrical values (PLC process data archiving) and also remote maintenance using the PLC-ANALYZER pro 5. Due to its small dimensions, the system can be integrated in a switching cabinet without any problem. The service technician can also conveniently transport the system to the customer in a suitcase (aircraft).

The BLACKBOX can continuously record and archive processing data (several hundred signals) over a longer period of time; typically, in excess of 3 years.

The BLACKBOX automatically begins recording signals after being switched on and then operates autarkically.

This kind of continuous recording is relevant for system and machine manufacturers and users because the data obtained is applicable for localizing faults as well as documenting operating behavior of a machine.

Maintenance, construction and quality assurance get valuable information concerning the system.

The recorded data also serves as incorruptible evidence in searching for the cause and the elimination of faults and the clarification of warranty claims.

The BLACKBOX can also be used as a condition-monitoring-system (CMS).It is connected to the PLC by means supported by the PLC-ANALYZER pro 5, i.e. via connection to the PU interface or automation network (MPI, PROFIBUS, Ethernet TCP/IP / PROFINET, Modbus+ …).

A simultaneous data acquisition from several – also different – PLCs is possible.

The optionally available AD_USB-Box® (Part.-No. ANA5510E) even enables the additional, simultaneous acquisition of external electrical measured values, which are not available in the plc.


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