Pressure Measuring Cells

The range of pressure measuring cells start from type 509 and go up to 513 which also include the barometric type of sensors.

We have sensors that build their foundation on verified ceramic technology which has, undoubtedly, been used in countless applications since the last 20 years or so.pressure-measuring-cells

In these sensors stout and vigorous designing of the ceramic cell is dominant. This ensures that the customer is not greeted with any surprises by any kind of significant changes in the characteristics of the sensor, when it is planted.

The pressure measuring cells are delivered to our customers either with factory calibration or with TK zero point adjustment and a choice is available for the making between various versions as integrated temperature measurement.

Some measuring cells are developed ideally to cater large quantities requirements in OEM applications and have an adjusted, amplified sensor signal. The unique incorporated electronics aid the customers by allowing installation without the need for temperature and pressure adjustment on part of the customer himself.

Special OEM barometric sensors are also available which are adjusted with a protection case making them suitable for plug planting on PCB. Such sensors generate output signals that are linear, temperature compensated and amplified. Moreover, a long term stable measurement is guaranteed due to a stout construction.