Pressure Level Transmitters

The pressure level transmitters include transmitters ranging between types 681 and 712.

Some of the level sensing transmitter types come with piezoresistive measuring elements and have reimbursed, adjusted and amplified sensor signals. These signals are those which are made available as standard voltage or current outputs.

These types of pressure level transmitters are suitable for constant level measurement even in the presence of corrosive liquids. The no damage concept even in the occurrence of corrosive materials is due to the immersion-sensor version with a salt water and oil-resistant connection cable.

This cable consists of an incorporated tube for reimbursement of the ambient pressure. Additionally, these sensors are being manufactured from stainless steel which means that a watertight seal is provided due to the transmitters’ soldered construction.

Other pressure level transmitters come with a relative pressure measuring cell and have an attuned and amplified sensor signal. Additionally, cable length from 3 to 300 meters is also provided. Not only this but ex-versions and versions with drinking water approval also be made available.

Other pressure level transmitters are factory-made using a relative and absolute pressure measuring cell with an adjusted and amplified sensor signal and are also available with cable lengths from 2 to 30 meters. These also offer EX protection as well as versions which comprise of incorporated temperature measurement. In addition to voltage and current outputs this type is also available with ratiometric outputs.