The Advantages of Smart Campus Buildings

Secondary studies institutions all over the world are now looking into building automation technology to better enhance the operations, security and productivity of the college buildings. Universities campuses are complicated as they are used to not only provide education but also to provide accommodation and employment for a large number of people. Keeping the past unfortunate incidents in view, it is very difficult to implement a foolproof security system in the campus. Apart from the security concerns, these campuses also need an extensive amount of energy for operation. Every room requires ample energy supply and the overall consumption becomes enormous. The latest developments in this tech sector has been quite fruitful which enables universities to not only improve the overall campus security but also to monitor the energy consumption in order to ensure smooth operation in the future as well.

A Smart and Eco-friendly Campus

A case where a university campus is made smarter is when the IBM and McMaster University formed a partnership. The organization installed automatic heating and air conditioning equipment. This system examined the environmental conditions and also the energy requirements of about 60 buildings to make decisions regarding the heating or cooling of the buildings in the best manner possible which produced a significant reduction in the overall energy consumption. Another example of such a smart campus is of the Cornell University. By using a BMS they are now able to monitor and regulate temperature, lighting and other related building configurations in accordance to the environment, occupants and usage of the campus.

There are numerous options to consider when it comes to enhancement of educational campuses using latest automation systems. The BMS for any campus can operate through just one prime location and uses programming to operate smoothly and productively. These systems can be used for the supervision of various things including HVAC units, lighting and programmable shades. The government and their laws are constantly debating the provision of further funding, so reduction in energy consumption and the utility costs is enormously beneficial for the university administration in terms of budgeting.

The safety of students and other occupants of the campus is always a prime goal. These automated management systems with their surveillance and access tech coupled with bulk notification module improve the overall security of the campus by first ensuring that no intruder is able to breakthrough and second in the case of a breach and emergency by generating quick automated responses and notifications to the related personnel.