All of the equipment that is used to indicate and govern the state of the industrial computerization machinery is known as Human Machine Interface (HMI). There is a wide variety of such interfaces and can be anything ranging from a simple LED status signal generator to a complex 20-inch touch interface panel. HMI uses demand sturdiness of the mechanical devices including resistance against variable temperature and environmental conditions and a protected communication environment in some cases. All HMIs are supposed to come with Ingress Protection (IP) grades of up to IP65, IP67, and IP68. The latest technology and exclusive microprocessors and devices let the designers fulfill all such demands coupled with improved BOM.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Enhanced source and sink output IO abilities are supported even up to 60mA in case of LED direct drive.
  • PWM devices with high speeds are used to dim LEDs and lighten the back of screens.
  • Sturdy touch systems are more resistant and have a longer lifetime as compared to their counterparts. Modern field penetration technology can also function via thicker and non-conductive exteriors.
  • The superior signal-to-noise ratio of latest technologies enhance resistivity to harsh environments and lets the operators make use of safety gear such as gloves.
  • With the new capacitive touch and power proficiency technology the designing of enclosed equipment is easier while heat dissipation is also reduced.
  • Microcontrollers, which come with free-of-cost software component, enable reduction of cost of an extra product.
  • Designers can make extensive use of the spread spectrum frequency technology in order to fulfill the electromagnetic radiation requests.
  • Such microprocessors that are integrated with latest touch technologies and LCDs make up very desirable control panel designs.
  • Numerous hardware security machineries give cheaper yet more effective solutions when it comes to secure and authenticated communications amongst the human machine interfaces and the other industrial devices.

HMI Devices

  • The most popular types of HMI for a variety of industrial requirements consist of LED signal indicators and motorized mechanical switches.
  • The interface components of industrial equipment are shielded by the capacitive touch technology, which also improves the design along with the overall look-and-feel of the system.
  • All of the complicated procedures can be easily and efficiently monitored and controlled by an operator using simply a control panel containing LCD displays.
  • There are various security components that ensure that all hardware and firmware integrity is maintained so that only efficient and reliable results are delivered.