Here’s how building automation systems could help your commercial property in the event of an emergency. Natural catastrophes and calamities can occur anywhere at any time. Hence businesses and their associated employees remain prone to such adversities. There are numerous other benefits which is resulting in even more businesses opting for the installation of an automated BMS. A building management system’s job is not only to improve productivity and security in routine procedures but also ensures maximum safety during adverse situations.

Following are the different ways in which a BMS helps your commercial business remain safe in emergencies.

Ensure Better Safety of Your Building with a BMS

Safety Systems

There are specific types of safety systems that can be incorporated into a BMS. Examples include alarm sounding whenever an emergency situation occurs. With the help of audio and video systems, people in an organization can be properly instructed to which they can respond better in a crisis of any sort. One need not worry about the response time of such systems as they go live instantly making it possible for the occupants to leave the building as securely as humanely possible.

Fire Control

A fire hazard is always scary but if a BMs is installed, it increases the chances of people making it alive in time. Fire zones will be labelled using the BMS. At the detection of fire and smoke the BMS will automatically release fresh air into escape pathways to help the occupants move safely.

BMS have the ability to also instantly shut the fire doors so as to stop the fire from gaining ground. Not only this, the system is also able to make use of fire clampdown tools along with provision of improved aeration wherever the occupants might be taking shelter during the crisis.

Elevator Control

All elevators can be controlled by a BMS via programming. The programming can be done so that at the time of any emergency the elevators make their way to the ground floor which would give the rescue team better access to the affected areas. On the other hand the elevators containing occupants can also be made to move without making any stops at affected floors.

Implementing a BMS with Automated Control Systems

As there is no time for such natural calamities, it is best to have your organization’s building protected for during emergencies. Automated Control Systems can be used to ensure that the installation of a BMS reduces risk and enhances productivity and safety of your building.