Digital Indicating Devices

The range of digital indicating devices include those of type 800s.

The available devices are comprised of a 4-digit display, coupled with an analogue output system. They also consist an optional switch as part of the equipment.

The indicating devices include those without any set-point and also those with 2 set-points, which are used for the indication of values.

The devices receive input in the form of variable current or voltage signals from either transducers of measurement or measurement value acquisition systems.

The digital display, in these sensors, is used to indicate the incoming signal as pressure after it is assessed.

Such sensors also extend the facility of encoding of the limit value output through the buttons on the front of the device or from another computer device through a data cable.

Other types of sensors are equipped with a LCD module and are compatible with all sensors which consist of DIN plug EN 175301-803-A. Their advantages include the presence of a portable plug-in indicator. Also the display unit can be turned and rotated in order to achieve the ideal reading position, no matter what the initial installation organization was of the device.

Another advantage is that of the protection class IP 65. This comes with DIN EN 175301-803 connectors which are screw fastened.

A 3-digit liquid crystal display is part of the sensor device.

Two types of calibration is possible, one is the factory calibration and the other is calibration by the client through the use of potentiometers and DIP switches.