Differential Pressure Transmitters

The range of differential pressure transmitters starts from type 401 to type 699 and includes OEM differential transmitters and volume flow transmitters.

The differential pressure transmitters make use of expertise in unique and established ceramic level technology and have attuned temperature-compensated sensor signals or adjusted and amplified sensor signals. These output signals are those that are available as standardized voltage or current outputs.

The (VDC) voltage output is an amplified, linear signal which results in making the sensors an idea fit for direct processing in electronic control systems, cataloging fine air flow in air conditioning technology and also for measuring fine pressures in the environmental/medical technology industries.

There are differential pressure transmitters ideally suited to the continuous monitoring of medium flow which can be either liquid or gas flow (or level) in heating, ventilation and process technology. Moreover, their especially jagged structure allows a single port over-pressure of up to 20 bar, which is dependent upon pressure range.

The volume flow types have two-way direction pressure ranges and variable measurement of quantities including pressure, flow or velocity of flow is available. Special sensors developed for each pressure range ensure a physically accurate and long term steady measurement. Moreover, the diversity of versions ensures the fact that they can be used in many various applications that is in HVAC or for fine measurement in the industry or medical sector.

Various application-specific pressure and electrical connections and also housing materials ideally fit for different media can be provided.

A few modules are suitable for checking pressure and flow in air conditioning arrangements and in the laboratory sector. These are joined with a non-compulsory 3-digit LED display, two limit value switches (potential-free) as well as a square root extraction.

A type of sensors is available in switchable pressure ranges and also with digital device or Modbus. The full-version comes with various customer specific adjustment possibilities.

The large variety offers a diverse use in the air-conditioning technique as well as for precise measurement in industry or medical applications.